Colonel Hiram Parks Bell Camp #1642
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honoring Our  Ancestors

Frank Clark 
Pvt Paul Hamilton DeShazo 
Co H 21st ALA 

Joel Anderson
Pvt John C Smith
Co E 1st Rgt GA State Line

Harry Jones
Pvt Reginald Jones 
GA Inf

Gene Findley
Cpt Ben E Findley
11th Rgt GA Militia Cav

Donald Turner
Pvt William Micagah Turner
Co F 2nd GA Vols

James Marvin Starr
Pvt Raliegh Spinks Bowden
Co B 32nd GA Vols

Rupert Sexton
Pvt Cicero Sexton
Co D 27th GA Inf

Clark Rye
Pvt Alexander Houston Rye
Co C 26th ALA Inf

John Adair
Lt Col John Alexander Adair
Co F 4th KY Inf

Jessie Pinson
Pvt Martin Pinson
Brooks Light Artillery SC

Dan Haynes
Albert Wintesr Haynes
Co. C 14th Bn Montgomerys Lt Arty

Leighton Young
Sgt Elijah Bishop
Co H 12th ARK

Bill Medlin
Pvt Samuel Henderson Medlin
Co B Palmetto Sharpshooters

Tom Bryant
Nicholan Bryant
Co B 51st  NC Inf

Stephen Shumake
Pvt Andrew Jackson Shoemaker
Co E 21st GA Rgt

Dennis Nelson
Pvt Simon Peter Nelson
Co B 4th Bn GA Sharpshooters

Jim Nelson
Pvt Simon Peter Nelson
Co B 4th Bn GA Sharpshooters

Dan Bennett
Amon Lockridge 
Co B 9th GA Arty

Larry Bennett
Pvt Cooper Bennett
Co K 11th GA  Cav

Cliff Roberts
Pvt George Washington Roberts
Co. A, 13th MS Inf

Dan Alexander Adams Jr.
Pvt William H Weaver
Co B 1st Rgt GA 

Clyde Monte Clontz
Pvt John N Clontz
Co F 3rd Rgt NC Cav

John Christopher Delamater
Pvt Turner Goldsmith
Co G 10th Bn GA Cav

James Malcolm MacDowell
Capt William A Quinn
Co H 37th Rgt GA Inf

John O'Brian Statham Jr.
John Stanley Statham
11th BN GA Vol Artillery

Ryan Holbrook Stewart
Pvt Matthew M Williams
Co A 37th Rgt TN Inf

Joseph Patrick Turkia
Lt Griffin Bailey
Co C 16th Rgt GA Inf

Michael Christopher Dean
George Jackson Dean
Co A 1st AR Cav, Cabell's Div

Tim Bassett 
2LT Leander Albert Helms  
Co B 15th Rgt NC Inf

Joe Bailey
Pvt William O. Hughes
Co E 43rd GA Regt

Elijah Anderson
Cpt Jesse Efford Daniel
Co O Phillips Legion

Walter Waddell
Pvt Robert Jacob Hunter
Co E 24th GA Vol Inf Rgt

Richard Van Sant
Pvt George D Blair
Co G 15th TN Cav

David Pylate
Pvt Mathias Langley
Co A 46th MS Inf

David Van Sant
Pvt George D Blair
Co G 15th TN Cav

Charles Cox
Pvt Jennings Fleetwood Futch 
Co K 3rd Rgt SC Cav

Scott King
Pvt Houston Spencer Kennedy
Co I 39th ALA Rgt

Michael Robinson
Pvt Issac C. Beasley
Co B 2nd Batt'n ALA Vols

Joseph Charles Morecraft III
Pvt Archibald Rowsey
Co F 1st VA Cav

Daniel Pierce Miles
Pvt Augustas A Traylor
Co C 7th SC Inf

Jeffery Heard
Sgt Jefferson Passenger Heard
Co B 2nd Rgt GA Militia Cav

Hugh McMillian
SGT Asa McMillian
Co C 3rd Battn GA Sharp Shooters

Jerold Sanders
Pvt John F Sharp
Co G 22nd GA Inf

Tony Poss
Pvt Joseph Poss
Co B 9th GA Arty

David P Boyd
Pvt Jefferson Boyd
Co K 38th MS Cav

Cy Pritchard
Col. David Wyatt Aiken
Co. F & S, 7th SC Inf

Terry Rich
Pvt Jordan Thornton Harris
Co. I, 47th  AL Inf

Issac Lang
Pvt Hugh Montgomery Bacon
Co F 3rd GA Cav

Herbert Lang
Pvt Hugh Montgomery Bacon
Co F 3rd GA Cav

Richard Thompson
Cpl W. W. Addy
Co H 7th Rgt GA State Cav

Larry Knight
Pvt John Knight
Co D 7th Rgt TN Inf

Ron Spear
Pvt Louis H Spear
Co F 28th NC Inf

David Barnett
Maj James Innes Randolph
1st Rgt VA Corps of Engineering

Charles Stanley Gibbs, Jr.
Rev. David Jasper Huggins
Co D 56th GA Inf

 Camp 1642 has a proud history of holding a Confederate Memorial Day service every April in conjuncture with the H.P. Bell United Daughters of the Confederacy at a church in Forsyth County, Georgia.
Thank you to the Richard Russell Archives at the University of Georgia for hosting our July 20th Field Trip.  It was a day of Georgia and Confederate History.  
Thank you to our longest serving camp members: 
Clark Rye, Joel Anderson, Frank Clark, & John Adair.

Please join us on December 16th for our 2013 Camp Christmas Dinner at the historic 1877 Foster House in Cumming. This is always a fun night and you are encouraged to bring your wife or significant other. The dinner buffet will have turkey/dressing/green beans/salad/ peach cobbler or carrot cake, ice tea and coffee. The food will be served at 7 PM with beer and wine available for purchase starting at 6:30. The dinner is $20 per person.  lease join us on December 16th for our annual Camp Christmas Dinner at the historic 1877 Foster House in Cumming. This is always a fun night and you are encouraged to bring your wife or significant other. The dinner buffet will have turkey/dressing/green beans/salad/ peach cobbler or carrot cake, ice tea and coffee. The food will be served at 7 PM with beer and wine available for purchase starting at 6:30. The dinner is $20 per person.  
In order to honor Robert Lourico Mitchell Payne's service in both the 53rd Georgia Infantry and the 4th Georgia Battalion State Troops the Bell Center has installed a new grave marker in the cemetery where Payne is buried. 

Payne was severely wounded by a gunshot wound to the midsection, which resulted in broken ribs during the second days battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He was taken to an area hospital; it was there that he was taken prisoner and sent to a prison hospital in New York. Within one month of being paroled he joined the State Troops to protect his state of Georgia and her citizens during the Sherman invasion. In November of 1864 he was again captured, this time in a cavalry skirmish in Waynesboro, Georgia. He spent the rest of the war in the infamous Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp. He survived his wife by three years but died in 1915 at the age of 82 in indigent circumstance. His funeral expenses and his last months' medical bills were both paid by the County Confederate Pension Board.

Jerold Sanders, head of the cemetery committee, and Clark Rye installed the grave marker at Pleasant View Baptist Church to replace the previous one, which had become faded and unable to decipher.

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L.M. Payne Grave Marker Replacement
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Remembering the "Lost Mill Workers of Roswell"

One hundred and fifty years ago on July 5, 1864, Federal General Kenner Garrard rode into Roswell with his cavalry and discovered the town was not defended. Most of the men in Roswell were fighting in other parts of the Confederacy leaving old men and young boys to face a plethora of Union troops. Those defenders retreated across the Chattahoochee and tried to burn as many bridges as possible.

Gen. Garrard found 400 workers primarily women and children working in the Roswell Manufacturing Company turning out cotton cloth, rope, and yarn and and the Ivy Mill providing wool material for uniforms known as “Roswell Grey”.

The Union general burned the mills and informed Sherman that the workers were still in Roswell.
Sherman gave Garrard the order to arrest the mill workers for treason and send them to Marietta for deportation and reported his decision to Washington. General Gerrard ask the general to clarify his order. " I repeat my orders that you arrest all people, male and female, connected with those factories, no matter what the clamor, and let them foot it, under guard, to Marietta, whence I will send them by cars to the North...THE POOR WOMEN WILL MAKE A HOWL. Let them take along their children and clothing, providing they have the means of hauling, or you can spare them. " 

On July 9th wagons began transporting them to Marietta. There they were joined by workers from the similarly destroyed New Manchester Mills, the ruins are located in Sweetwater State Park. The workers and their families were put into railroad cars and they were carried north, via Nashville, to Louisville, KY, from whence they were dispersed into Indiana and surrounding areas, without jobs or means of support.

A northern newspaper correspond wrote, “...only think of it! Four hundred terrified, Ellens, Susans and Maggies transported in springless army wagons, away from their loves and brothers of the sunny South, all for the offense of weaving tent-cloth.”

Most of those exiled from Roswell never returned. Although some came back to Georgia, many remained in Kentucky and Indiana. Lack of records has made tracing them difficult, and only through family stories do we know the fate of a few. The rest have become “The Lost Mill Workers of Roswell”. 

In 2000, The Sons of Confederate Veterans Roswell Mills Camp erected a memorial to these "Lost Mill Workers" located at Old Mill Park on Sloan Street in Roswell. The Roswell Mills Camp honored the memory of those "Lost Mill Workers" with a wreath laying ceremony at the Sloan Street monument at 9 o'clock on June 28th. 

The main speaker for the ceremony was the honorable Martin O'Toole. A graduate of the University of Georgia and the Georgia State University Law School, Martin K. O’Toole is a partner in Griffin & O’Toole in Marietta. He is a member and past commander of the Lt. General Leonidas Polk SCV Camp #1446, in Smyrna, and has served as the Parliamentarian and Division Judge Advocate General for the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

Monument to Mill Workers  
Mill Worker With Children
Upcoming Events
    Cemetery vandals wrought havoc on the James cemetery in Forsyth County sometime in the last six weeks. The family cemetery, which is located in a wooded area on Ronald Reagan Boulevard just off of McFarland road, contains markers dating from as early as 1862 to as recently as 1978. The larger monuments were toppled and many smaller ones were broken into pieces. Even fieldstone markers were pulled up and tossed on the ground. The James' were a pioneer family in Forsyth county who lived in the Big Creek area near the Milton County line. They drew land in the 1832 lottery and are listed in the 1834 census, which was the first census taken in Forsyth County. The patriarch of the Forsyth County James', George James, married Nancy Stacy Bennett and they raised ten children. Their five sons all served the Confederacy during the War Between the States. In addition their eldest, Mahlon Hiram James, served as a constable in Forsyth County before the war and was elected sheriff in 1864, serving a two year term. The obelisk of James as well as that of his wife, Lucinda Butler, was pushed over. The second obelisk belonged to their son, Mahlon Hiram James Jr, which was also pushed over. The two oldest graves belong to Rosie and Narcissa Morris who both died before their first birthdays. Their shared stone was pulled up and tossed on the ground. 

The James Family is working with local law enforcement to determine what their next course of action will be. For more info contact Frank Clark at

To the left is the Grave of William James broken in two
To the right are the destroyed graves of Clara Ann James and W. Larkin James
Above is an unknown grave toppled
To the left and directly below is the  toppled momuent of Mahlon Hiram James and wife Lucinda James
Below is SCV 1642 members Frank Clark and Mike Mcalpin and James Cemetery after vandalism.
Above James family marker cracked 

Camp members Joel Anderson, Cliff Roberts, and Michael Dean attended the 119th Annual Reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in North Charleston, South Carolina in July 2014. The trip included a special tour of the H.L. Hunley submarine. See photos below.
Iron Cross Ceremony for our very own Col. Hiram Parks Bell at the Cumming City Cemetery in January 2015.
Thank you to all 32 people who attended our Camp Christmas Dinner at the Ridge Restaurant in Cumming on December 14, 2015.  
James Cemetery Vandalized
119th Annual Reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Col. Hiram Parks Bell
2015 Christmas Dinner
2016 Confederate Memorial Service
It was a beautiful Confederate Memorial Day ceremony this April at the Forsyth Primitive Baptist Church. SCV member Martin K. O'Toole gave a spirited talk and the program done by the United Daughters of the Confederacy was first-rate.

Scott Ralph Hutchins
Pvt Henry Johnson Randall
Co O Phillips Legion

William George Salmond
1st Sgt Butwell Boykin Salmond
Co B 2nd AL Inf

Russell Chadwick Wilkes
1st Lt John Laurens Wilkes
Co F 22nd GA Vol Inf

Thomas Cowart Grigsby, Jr.
Pvt Thomas Jefferson Henderson
Co C 53rd CA Vol Inf

Gordon Shirley III
Col. Hiram Parks Bell
Co E 43rd GA Vol Inf

Richard K. Groves
Cpl Charlton R. Barkley
Co G 12th NC Inf

Justin Smith
Pvt Peter H. Smith
Co B 28th NC Inf

Robert Hanks Allgood
Pvt John Barnett Allgood
Co D 50th AL Inf

Jeffrey Michael Briggs
Pvt Uriah Parks
Co B 53rd NC Inf

Richard Eugene Gilbert
1st Lt Richard Gilbert
Co D 34th GA Inf

Michael David Maciolek
Pvt Andrew Woods
1st NE MO Cav (Porter's Rgt)